I know I'm a day late but this is a topic I really wanted to touch on.

There's nothing like your girls (or guys) that know you best, have your back, and love you unconditionally.  I am so thankful for the special girls in my life and lucky enough to call them my best friends.

Meet Jackie.






This girl is my ride or die, the angel to my devil, my sister from anotha mister, and the rose' to my wine glass.  I couldn't do it without her.  We have been friends for 10+ years now and I still remember the days of myspace when she would message me and end it always with ilysm. (She was obsessed with me) ;).  Jackie and I moved away to college together and from there our friendship has formed a bond so tight nothing can break it.  We have experienced so much together. Our first Jersey Shore party (remember that shit), her engagement, the first time we ran a FULL marathon together, her wedding, the day I got Carly, my first martini, and the day she had my niece, Reagan.  So much has happened and I love her being by my side in this crazy adventure we call life.  This girl is family. So, Jackie here's to you.... thanks for being you. I couldn't do it without you.  Love you girl.


Another girl who deserves a much needed shoutout is my girl Lauren.



Lauren and I were insta friends. Except for the fact that I wanted to hate her but couldn't lol. Lauren and I are basically the exact same person, it's scary.  Not only do we have the same birthday (March 24!!!) but we have the same personality.  We cry over the same stuff, we laugh over the same stupid things, and we love the same stuff (like Disney). Lauren and I are a special set of friends.  She lives in Jersey and I live in Florida so we don't get to see each other all the time and we don't talk all the time.  But this is why I love her.  When we do talk or see each other nothing has ever changed and we catch right back up from where we left off.  I am actually so excited because in August it will be my very first trip to Jersey and she will be getting MARRIED!! WHAT?!?! And duh, I'm a bridesmaid.  Lauren and I are twins no doubt, but this girl is also a person in my life that is very special to me.  I love you girl and miss you all the time!


I really couldn't do it without these girls! There's really nothing like our best friends.  We have to make sure we nuture these relationships because even though they are SO easy, life can always get the best of us.

Love you both from the bottom of my heart. <333

Make sure you send your besties some love!!


Lindsay Rose