The first recipe I ever made...

Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Were you really expecting anything else??

When I first started culinary school, the first recipe they ever assigned for us to make was chocolate chip cookies.  Needless to say, they were NOT good.  It was probably due to the fact that my baking partner and I overbaked them but, it taught me one thing.  All I wanted was to come up with my own chocolate chip cookie recipe.  Since then, I have learned some important rules when making chocolate chip cookies: Rule #1 do not overbake, Rule #2 it's okay to slightly under bake cookies, Rule #3 the best cookies come right from the oven.

Now, unfortunately, in this post you will not find my recipe anywhere on here.  But, you will find tips on how you can alter other chocolate chip cookie recipes or how you can start to make your own recipe. If you are wanting to know what my cookies taste like, I do take orders! You can email me at for more info.  (And Yes! We ship all over the US!)

Back to the cookies!  Something very valuable that I learned in culinary school was the function of each ingredient in a recipe and how those ingredients react when they get together.  Here are some ingredients in chocolate chip cookies:

Chocolate Chips (Obviously): these not only are what make a chocolate chip cookie, but they also depend how what kind of sweetness your cookie will have... TIP: try mixing two different kind of chocolate chips together for your cookies, it's really good:)

Butter: depends on the spread of your cookies, gives flavor, and provides the fat the cookie needs

Eggs: give the cookies moisture and binds all the ingredients together.. TIP: egg yolks help with the chewiness in a cookie

Flour: helps the cookie hold shape... be careful too much flour can lead to a dry cookie but too little flour can be the reason of an unstable cookie. Flour can also help the cookie prevent spreading.

Baking Powder: helps to make things fluffier or cake like

Baking Soda: helps your cookies to rise

Sugar: brown sugar gives the caramelization color in a chocolate chip cookie along with sweetness and white sugar gives the cookie sweetness and helps add moisture

Now that you know a little more about these ingredients its time to get baking! Share with me your recipes or baking stories... I'd love to hear them! Nothing goes better with a warm chocolate chip cookie than a cold glass of milk.... or wine;)


Lindsay Rose


Isn't this precious of my sleeping baby??

Isn't this precious of my sleeping baby??